• Service Beyond Expectations

  • Connectivity to everywhere 

  • colo that behaves like cloud

Welcome to H5 COLO

In a Data Center world where mergers, acquisitions and business model changes are the rule of thumb, H5 COLO has remained constant for a decade.
Same Data Center, same staff, same fantastic

What we do

Highly Managed Colocation

H5 treats Colocation as a true service with our managed, highly customizable and adaptive solutions. Not just a set of generic products that you place your critical infrastructure in.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity 

Not all Data Centers have dedicated Disaster and Business Continuity environments. H5 does. With dozens of dedicated seats and infrastructure available.


100% Uptime is just a starting point. The geographic AND logistical center of the DFW
Metroplex, H5 is uniquely located to "CONNECT TO EVERYWHERE".

Free Consultation

Colocation should not be hard. Transparent pricing, facilities beyond reproach,
and "SERVICE BEYOND EXPECTATIONS". One size does not fit all, drop us a line and let's put together the perfect solution for your business.